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Suppose I have a package (a Python package in this case) that I install using Synaptic. Because the version of this package is somewhat outdated, I remove it in Synaptic and then install it using easy_install. One of its dependencies was also installed using Synaptic, but I'd rather keep the Synaptic-installed version rather than easy_installing it as well.

The only problem is that the dependency is now marked auto removable. Is there any way to mark it as being manually installed other than to remove it and reinstall it? If it makes a difference I'm using Ubuntu Jaunty.

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You can "hold" a package in Ubuntu.

Holding a package basically means you're telling the package manager to keep the current version no matter what. This is useful if more recent version of a currently working program breaks after an update.

You can do it via Synaptic or on the command-line via apt/dpkg. The command-line version to hold a package is:

echo package_name hold | dpkg --set-selections

Ubuntu Community Documentation has a more complete guide explaining how to pin or hold packages.

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Thanks! askubuntu.com/questions/140136/… –  Andrejs Cainikovs May 22 '12 at 7:58

I know you can do it in aptitude. You can do it either in its GUI by selecting package and hitting 'm' or selecting "Mark manual" from "Package" menu, or using command line:

aptitude install <package_name>&m
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