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Background: I'm trying to get the Nexus 10 16GB, which has intermittent availability in Spain.

Problem: When I'm accessing Google Play website from a Windows 8 PC, it shows me the prices in $ instead of in €, and it won't accept my address as a valid delivery address.

However, it does show everything correctly, and it does accept my address, when I access the same url from:

  • a Nexus 7 or a Galaxy Nexus associated with the same Google account, from the same WiFi (same public IP)
  • Chrome and MSIE from Windows 7 inside a VirtualBox VM on the same Windows 8 PC

So is there a way to force Google Play, or Chrome, or Windows 8, to realize I am indeed connecting from a PC located in Spain?

  • My Google Account location is set to Spain.
  • I have tried with: Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.
  • Windows 8 is set to Location: Spain
  • Chrome location sharing is enabled.
  • Incognito windows in Chrome show the same behaviour.
  • Changing Windows 8 interface language to English or Spanish has no effect.
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Do you have any other Windows machine that experiences similar problems. I assume the Nexus 10 when you access the store indicates the correct store price? – Ramhound Nov 28 '12 at 3:48
Does a Windows 8 Virtual Machine also experience this same problem? – Ramhound Nov 30 '12 at 10:15

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