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I have a Mac and a PC (now running Windows 8).

My Mac stays connected to the WiFi very nicely, but my PC likes to disconnect every 5 or so minutes. I'm using a Microsoft USB adapter model MN-510.

Here are some odd things I'm seeing:

I'm connected to my university network, but my WiFi is set to "Off":

enter image description here

However, when I go to my network settings, it seems to be running:

enter image description here

Any ideas?


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You can drop images straight into, then they won't expire at some later point, and people will be able to look back at your question. – wonea Nov 28 '12 at 9:26
The poster needs at least 10 reputation to post images (see… and…). I've edited the question to add the images inline, after peer reviewing it will be visible. – jaume Nov 28 '12 at 9:47
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The reason is that the Microsoft USB adapter MN-510 is not compatible with Windows 8:

enter image description here

(Screenshot taken from here. The Windows Compatibility Center URL is

(The NIC is not compatible with Windows 7 either.)

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Oh wow, I never would have thought that...Thanks! It just seems like there would be a kind of solution /work around since it seems to work at least some of the time...And I didn't have a problem with it for Win7. OH WELL. – zantaff Nov 28 '12 at 11:02
It's great that your USB NIC was working reliably with Windows 7, but it was living on borrowed time... Looks like Windows 8 changed something that definitely broke compatibility. If you feel that your question is answered, it is customary to mark it as such by selecting an accepted answer. This will make clear that the question is closed and help others with a similar issue. Thanks! – jaume Nov 28 '12 at 13:03

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