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I have recently acquired an ASUS RT-N16 router. My original plan for it was to install Tomato on it. However, after checking their website i found out that the firmware was not updated in the last 2 years. There seem to be a few updated mods but none of them really seemed mature/stable/well-documented.

I would like to know what other people recommend as open-source firmware for this router. I know the answers will probably be subjective; so i will give a bit of background on my needs:

  • for now i will only use the Wi-Fi on an Android phone
  • the connection will not be shared with anyone (so QOS is optional)
  • i want a stable (wired) connection on my PC (for online gaming etc.)
  • i want the (wired) download/upload speeds to be as close as possible to those achieved by directly plugging the Ethernet cable to the PC's network card; i have a 100 Mbps connection
  • my ISP uses PPPOE
  • my technical level: i am a software developer and i have good knowledge of bash scripting, but no experience with networking

Also, i know that i could probably just use the stock firmware (and maybe will use it for a while), but i'm interested in trying an open-source version (for more features, flexibility, as a learning exercise etc.)

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I've used dd-wrt on my RT-N16, and never had any problems that I can remember. It's fairly simple to flash the router with dd-wrt, and it's loaded with features. I've never tried Tomato though, so I can't tell you how dd-wrt is in relation to Tomato.

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