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I have managed to do a conditional drop down list from another list – however I now can't seem to copy it down the 1000 rows I need it to work on.

For example, in column A the user would select either:


Then in column B, the drop down list would be conditional upon what was selected in A. So if the user selected Fruits, the drop down list in B would be: Apples, Peaches etc. Or if the user selected Veggies in column A's list, the list in column B would be: Corn, Beans etc.

I did the formula and I have:


in the Validation tab etc.

The issue is: I have 1000 rows going down, and I don't know how to copy it all the way down, as when I do it shows the same options.

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Apply the validation rule =INDIRECT($A1) to column B down to B1000. Removing the fixed row reference will resolve the problem.

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