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I have this batch file i wrote, and i wrote it to make specific words to be different colors, as a test.

But so far, i can't get any farther than this, I'm stuck, and I was wanting to use it to make other words in different colors, to make a color coding scheme. But can't figure out how. I've honestly spent weeks trying to figure this one out but am having no luck.

Here is my code:

MD Color
CD Color
echo Cool> "Text to Color"
echo Hello> "Test"
echo Test> "Helloo"
FINDSTR /A:0c /C:"Cool" /S "Text to Color"
FINDSTR /A:0b /C:"Hello" /S "Test"
FINDSTR /A:0a /C:"Test" /S "Helloo"
RD /S /Q Color

The name of the file is "Text to Color.bat" in a folder named "Color"


C:\Users\CST27\Dropbox\Color\Color>FINDSTR /A:0c /C:"Cool" /S "Text to Color"
Text to Color:Cool

C:\Users\CST27\Dropbox\Color\Color>FINDSTR /A:0b /C:"Hello" /S "Test"

C:\Users\CST27\Dropbox\Color\Color>FINDSTR /A:0a /C:"Test" /S "Helloo"


C:\Users\CST27\Dropbox\Color>RD /S /Q Color
Press any key to continue . . .

With "text to color" in red, "test" in blue, and "Helloo" in green.

And I was wanting to maybe try and make the words after those in a different color as well.

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Use Windows PowerShell instead of cmd.exe

Write-Host -ForegroundColor Red -Object "Hello";
Write-Host -BackgroundColor Blue -Object "World!";
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Now, can i make a batch file or some type of file that opens in windows powershell? – JustinD Nov 29 '12 at 13:24
PowerShell commands can be executed in a script, and vice versa. The script contents should be saved to a .ps1 file. There is lots of documentation about how to execute scripts. – Trevor Sullivan Nov 29 '12 at 14:11

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