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We have a GA-H61M-DS2 rev 2.0 motherboard. It has an "F4" BIOS. We went to the vendors website:

and downloaded "F7", the latest BIOS version.

We already tried: 1) "Efiflash.exe H61MDS22.F7" command from windows 7/32bit, it said nothing, the command line just flashed for a second..

2) boot the win7 in "dos" mode (...) but the same thing happened.

Q: How can we upgrade the BIOS? There aren't any ways for it?

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Try using the Gigabyte @Bios utility. you can get it here: be sure to select your OS.

and here are some instructions for using it. they are for a differant board type, but should work fine for you. just be sure to dl @Bios from the link above, not the link in the instructions

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