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To use the right PHP version on my command line I want to change the $PATH of my command line profile.

For now, the command line uses the standard system php file located in /usr/bin/. I want to use the php file from my zend server ce located in /usr/local/zend/bin.

I added /usr/local/zend/bin already to my bash_profile but it doesn't work because when I print the $PATH variable, /usr/local/bin comes before /usr/local/zend/bin and the terminal will takes the first one.



I tried to update the .bash_profile file but it just include my 'zend' path's. Other path's look likes to set somewhere else or automatic?

Thanks in advance,


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Just prepend zend to your PATH


Don't forget to reload or relogin.

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Try as follows:

export PATH=/usr/local/zend/bin:$PATH
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