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I recently suffered a total hardware crash on my windows C: drive. Fortunately, I had a spare disk on hand and set about reinstalling.

For some reason, during the install it decided to declare my second windows drive as the booting drive, but once the installation was completed it completely and utterly refuses to acknowledge the filesystem -- I'm not even seeing a drive letter, while it /does/ find the linux partitions on the other two drives (even if it can't read any of them).

My first (and most important) question: How can I get windows to re-acknowledge the drive, preferably without losing all the data on it?

My second question: How can I tell windows to set up its boot loader on the new C: drive?

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Go to system management - harddrive options(dont remember how it calls correctly) in /administrator and assing letter to your hard drive. ITs common issue after windows reinstall

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Thanks, that worked for the recognizing part. Any suggestions on the second part of my question? – Shadur Nov 29 '12 at 10:30
I'd suggest you to try some of software like paragon partition magic, and probably run chkdks to make sure your harddrive has no errors – sanny Sin Nov 29 '12 at 10:33

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