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I'm having trouble understanding the process to customize the default profile. how can i make certain changes that can only be made while the computer is member of a domain and copy it later to the default profile (the local administrator)

specifically- i want to install a printer while logged in to the domain and make it part of the default profile.


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Sysprep will remove the system from the domain and remove the SID information, so you can’t do this in the way you described. This KB article talks about it. There are alternate methods to get this done, however.

  1. You could script this to happen after deployment of the image using the SetupComplete.cmd file (see this thread

  2. Use Group Policy to deploy a printer

  3. If you use MDT to deploy your Operating Systems, you can run ‘Post-installation’ tasks to do this for you after Windows is installed, but still during the deployment process (this is also done by script).

  4. Logon script (See the thread linked in #1 for a PowerShell example).

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