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This is one of those small annoyances that is extremely aggravating to me, it's also a bug that existed in Windows 7. Here's a screenshot of the problem:


Notice how there are no margins for the selection on the right and bottom, and that the margins on the top and left are different? This is very aggravating.

As I said, this problem actually exists in Windows 7 as well, and I was able to fix it by using Resource Hacker to modify a UIFILE in ExplorerFrame.dll. (See below on how to fix it in windows 7)

I took a look at ExplorerFrame.dll, but all of the UIFILEs are just binary and not editable XML like they normally would be. I also briefly looked at shell32.dll but didn't spend too much time in it as it has quite a few UIFILEs, some of which are again, just binary.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

To Fix this on Windows 7: Use Resource Hacker to open your ExplorerFrame.dll located in %SystemRoot%\System32 (You might also have to do this for the one in %SystemRoot%\SysWoW64 if you're using 64 bit) and replace the UIFILE > 40960 with this XML. This will fix the margins so they are all symmetrical. Here is the diff between the original and modified XML.

Note: I'm no longer have access to a Windows 7 install, so I can't be positive this was everything I changed to fix this, it was a long time ago.

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There was software called resource hacker(or something similar), you could try to use it.

PS i wouldnt use all those 3rd party themes for windows and put back original files(that were replaced from uxthemepatch)

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"There was software called resource hacker(or something similar), you could try to use it." - He already knows about this and tried editing the DLL as well, so what's the point of this suggestion? Also, the margin issue exists on a stock Windows install as well. – Karan Nov 29 '12 at 14:58

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