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When I Ctrl+B a selected text, it will become bold. Alas, this style is directly formatted, which means it gets lost once I default via Ctrl+M. Yet whenever I reset the whole document, I only want it to lose some other direct styles, that I introduced by copying from different resources.

So I defined my own non-direct character style, "mybold", and am now wondering how to configure a keyboard shortcut to apply it onto the current marked text. As manually selecting it from the Styles and Formatting List gets very tiresome fast.

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You can assign keyboard shortcuts to styles in the Tools > Customize menu. In the "Keyboard" tab, the bottom of the Category field, you can expand Styles to find your custom styles. Then just assign them a shortcut in the top field, click Modify and OK.

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It is and it did, so an upvote for you :-) For completeness sake it's "Tools" menu > "Customize...", then the "Keyboard" tab, then scroll down the "Category" field to the bottom etc. Also some non-custom styles already have shortcuts assigned, e.g. ctrl+shift+0 for default style, ctrl+1 for heading 1, ctrl+2 for heading 2 etc. See… – brokkr Aug 7 '13 at 12:39
ha. and Ctrl+[1,2,3] was already mapped to heading [1,2,3..] exactly as i was going to set to... but didn't bother to test before :) – gcb Dec 1 '13 at 4:00

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