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I am using Byobu via SSH on a local mac machine. I am aware of the scrollback feature and I am able to enter the scrollback mode via F7.

However, it is very inconvenient to scroll by a single line only using arrow keys (only mode that works). Would it be possible to bind the mouse scroll there too? Mouse scrolling scrolls the holding terminal window at the moment.

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It would be great to get this to work. askubuntu.com/questions/199290/… tackles linux issues but mac was missing. –  Karthik T Aug 1 '13 at 1:32

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Press the F7 key to enter scrollback mode. Scrollback mode allows you to navigate past output using vi-like commands. Here is a quick list of movement commands:

Ctrl+U and Ctrl+D (half page up and down)
Ctrl+B and Ctrl+F (full page up and down)


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…and hit Enter to exit scrollback mode –  memeLab Nov 21 '14 at 5:30

Disable scrollback in a Mac terminal:

Preferences -> Profiles -> Window -> Limit number of rows to: 0

Press F7 to enter scrolling mode in byobu and scroll your mouse with Shift pressed. Press Enter to exit scrolling mode.

I fully realize that this is not the most convenient solution, but that's the best I've found so far.

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The row limit disable does remove the scrolling interaction from the terminal window, however, holding down shift does not do anything in scrolling mode. The cursor does not move, I can only use keyboard. –  petr Jan 26 at 15:11

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