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I'm wiring up an office with one available Ethernet wall jack. The jack currently services a VOIP phone that is powered over the Ethernet cord and has no normal plug. I need to set up a small network behind a (non-POE) router to be running off the same jack, but if I plug the router into the wall jack then the VOIP phone line can't be powered through the router's ethernet out jacks.

The only other switches and hubs I have available are all non-POE. I'd like to find the most cost efficient way to wire both of these devices into the network. Most of the POE-enabled switches I see on the market have 8+ jacks, which is overkill for connecting a single device.

I've seen a few smaller POE hubs and splitters on the market, but I don't know if these will work in this situation. What is the best device to install given these parameters?

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You can get AC->POE adapters that add power to a single Ethernet line to power a single POE device.

They are known as POE injectors, and several manufacturers make them.

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I did run across those, and they seem like the best option (although needing to wire up another power cord is an annoyance). Do you know if they make basic 4-port hubs that can pass-through PoE from the wall jack? It would be much easier to just put one of those between the router and the jack. – MarathonStudios Nov 30 '12 at 6:26

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