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I've got a script which calls "mkdir" like this:

mkdir -p dir0/dir1 dir0/dir1/dir2.0 dir0/dir1/dir2.1 dir0/dir1/dir2.2

It is run on a very heavily loaded NFS server over NFS3 and about half the time the script runs it works fine - all the directories list above are created. The other half of the time only dir0/dir1 is created but none of the dir2.* directories. Strangely, mkdir seems to exit 0 even though not all the directories are created.

Any idea why this is happening? At least an error code would be useful.

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try checking verbose, if that can help.

mkdir -p -v dir0/dir1 dir0/dir1/dir2.0 dir0/dir1/dir2.1 dir0/dir1/dir2.2

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I've added it - will be curious to see if anything pops up. I don't know if it's the answer but good suggestion! –  balor123 Nov 30 '12 at 17:54

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