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I want to know anybody have tried installing clearcase 6 , 7 version on windows 7 OS.

Thanks ,

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At the same time, on the same machine? Or independently on different machines? Why would you want to use ClearCase 6, anyway? – Jonathan Leffler Nov 30 '12 at 7:47
I have edited my answer to propose an alternative, allowing a ClearCase installation in a VM (Windows Xp) on your Windows 7 workstation. – VonC Nov 30 '12 at 7:48

Windows 7 is only supported for ClearCase 7.2+ (actually, 7.1.1+ but it has some issues, especially with 64 bits).


The "System Requirements for ClearCase 2003.06.xx" doesn't mention Widows 7.
You cannot install a ClearCase on a Windows 7.

As I mention in "Clearcase on windows 7 can not create dynamic view":

You can try and install a Virtual PC Windows Xp on your Windows 7.

With a Windows Xp, you can install any ClearCase 6 or 7 you need.

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