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I have a log file which contains a lot of text as shown below. Would like to extract the email address which falls between emailAddress and status strings. I am open to any option which runs on Ubuntu, but would like to automate it.


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Here you go:

perl -ne 'if(/emailAddress..:..(.+?)\\\"/){print "$1\n"}' logfile.txt

This Perl snippet will go through the file line by line and look for the string "emailAddress" followed by:

  • any two characters (..), this will match \",
  • :,
  • any two characters (..), this will match \".

It then saves the following characters (until the next ") into $1. Finally, it prints $1.

NOTE: This assumes that every email address in your logfile has the same format as what you have given in your question.

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Thanks @terdon - worked like a charm – Praveen Sripati Nov 30 '12 at 13:28

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