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ive just installed rails using for osx, rails and ruby seem to be working ok (checked by running rails -v, ruby --version and ruby --help). But when it installed i got an error saying that not there were errors and the uninstaller didnt install correctly. Somthing odd i saw was that when i load terminal i get this showing up

Last login: Fri Nov 30 13:12:09 on ttys000 
unknown5c969d7cc475:~ Sam$ 

specificly the "unknown5c96..." part im not sure if its related ?

I think i might have got the install error as xcode wasnt installed first, for peice of mind id like to unistall it and load it back on, but when i try and run the installer from the application folder it just asks for my password and then dose nothing.. any ideas how i can fix this ?

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There is free tool called JewelleryBox, which is gui for RVM( With that tool you can install/uninstall ruby/rails, gemsets, and single gems. After this install gcc/xcode command line tools, install new ruby and then install bundler and after install rails and gems that you need

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