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I am used to change the layout using keys combination CTRL + SHIFT. Not to mention that lots of applications use that combination as a part of another complex combination. Say - CTRL + SHIFT + TAB in Firefox to select previous tab or CTRL + SHIFT + left|right arrow to select whole world.

So here comes the issue in Gnome2. If I have the CTRL + SHIFT as a hotkey to change layout then no other combination with CTRL + SHIFT will work. CTRL + SHIFT + TAB does not work. CTRL + SHIFT + right arrow does not work. In Windows that works fine though.

Removing such combination as hotkey solves the problem. But I still want to use old good CTRL and SHIFT.

Is there any patch or configuration tips to solve the issue?

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If you have programming skills i would have a look at xbindkeys source code. Seems it's one step away from being able to help here:

$ xbindkeys --key

is able to recognize CTRL + SHIFT and outputs a keycode for it (however weird: control+shift + shift or something similar), but if you try to use it in a .xbindkeysrc it doesn't work (doesn't catch it) most likely because we're dealing with modifier keys here.

If my understanding is correct, xbindkeys needs to react to this sequence:

  • Control and Shift keypresses (any order)
  • Control and Shift keyreleases (any order)
  • and no other key event in between

Only then do we know it's not a Ctrl+Shift+a or something...

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