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More often than not, websites with any number of images will use frame breaking scripts to lose Google Image Search's results frame (e.g. this relatively benign case). While I somewhat understand the reasons for doing so (as ineloquently put forth by these people), more often than not, such breakout/redirects dump me to a useless page that doesn't have the image I was looking for, plus it makes going "back" rather irritating as you need to click twice or more (some pages jam you through several redirects it seems) in rapid succession.

Other than having reflexes to copy the 'Full-size image' hyperlink quicker than loading the breakout script, is there a way to get my actual result?

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Regarding 'off-topic' votes; where is this best? This isn't about the web pages themselves (e.g. Web Apps) but the browser, so I figured it goes here. – Nick T Dec 1 '12 at 7:58

You can try pressing Escape to stop page loading. You may have to press it multiple times.

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