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How do I execute the equivalent of 'Windows + D' to show the desktop in a remote session (MSTSC)?

I am aware of a few other important ones like 'alt + home' which opens the start menu, but I'd like to find one that sends all windows within a remote session to the taskbar to show only the desktop.

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In the remote desktop client you can configure how the keyboard combinations get passed here:


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Thanks. I did some more research and I think this is the only option. I was hoping there was a 'show desktop' shortcut without having to do this, but this is fine. – Mike J Dec 16 '12 at 16:43

You can configure the remote desktop connection to apply Windows key combinations on the remote computer.

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If you are RDCing to a computer that is set up strictly for RDC, then i would just add the Desktop link to the task bar.

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