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I have a router d-link dir-300, flashed to dd-wrt v24. By the unknwon reasons web interface not working. Spawning in console httpd, didnt help. Now I need a DMZ ip. How I can setup it with standard ssh session?

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This might get more coverage on ServerFault.

However, the preferred way to do this is through the web interface. I assume that you tried going to for your router's web interface and tried to use the interface there. The below link recommends checking iptables if you can't access it for some reason.

To answer your actual question, you can set the dmz related variables that are located here:

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Ok, thank. My nvram looks like: root@hellgate:~# nvram show | grep dmz dmz_enable=1 size: 28578 bytes (36958 left) dmz_ipaddr=2 root@hellgate:~# . DMZ ip is I cant find, what I must set in nvram dmz_ipaddr for correct work. Any advices? – dmage Nov 30 '12 at 21:20

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