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I want to relocate the Flash player plugin of Firefox cache so that it saves my C: drive space when I watch youtube videos. I successfully changed the firefox cache by opening about:config and then created a new string key "browser.cache.disk.parent_directory" where I put the value of the new cache location. But it doesn't work with online streaming contents such as youtube videos.

Please guide me where does it get stored and how to change its cache into another drive.

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You didn't specify the operating system but assuming Windows you may wish to read about symbolic links and junction points. – Mr.Wizard Dec 1 '12 at 10:02
Yes I am sorry, I should have mentioned it, but you are right its windows 7 32bit – Prasenjit Chatterjee Dec 2 '12 at 3:05

As far as I can tell from reading the documentation on changing your Flash settings and the related control panel, you can't change its location. A comment on at the end of the How do I clear my Flash Player cache and settings? question in the Flash Player FAQs says this:

You can also manually accomplish this task by deleting the contents of the following folders:

Windows (tip: copy and paste these paths into the path bar in an Explorer window)

%appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player


~\Library\Preferences\Macromedia\Flash Player\
~\Library\Caches\Adobe\Flash Player\
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