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When I create soft links within my /home folder to my other hdd (sdb) they no longer work when I restart my system. Do I have to mount my hdd to say /mnt/sdb on boot?

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Softlinks are like a post-it note in a bookcase, stating "I am not the file you are looking for. Instead get it from this bookcase". If you have two bookcase, place your post-it note in the first one and remove the second bookcase than that post-it note will not help you.

If you always want it to be available then you will have to make a copy.

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So I edited /etc/fstab to mount /dev/sbd to /storage, then I was able to create symlinks to the files therein. On restart, the links worked :) – Sadie Dec 1 '12 at 11:40

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