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I have a share on one mac that I am trying to rsync a set of directories from a second mac.

The share is mounted on the second mac and ls -l shows access like for all the directories drwx---rwx 1 shaun staff 466 Nov 23 06:53 Backup, but I am getting the error: rsync: failed to set times on "/Volumes/Data/Media Library/Documents": Permission denied (13).

The perl script (with only one test directory) is:

$source = '/Volumes/LEXAR64GB';
$destination = '/Volumes/Data/Media Library';
@folders = ('Documents');
print "Working…\n";
foreach $i (@folders) {
    print "Processing: $i\n";
    system("rsync -arub --delete --backup-dir='$destination/rsync backup' --modify-window=1 '$source/$i/' '$destination/$i'");

Should I be running the command as a different user?

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I suppose, that Mac OS uses NFS to share over network.

This is from rsync man page, give it a try.

-O, --omit-dir-times This tells rsync to omit directories when it is preserving modification times (see --times). If NFS is sharing the directories on the receiving side, it is a good idea to use -O. This option is inferred if you use --backup without --backup-dir.

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+1 for O, this thread on SO could also interest you @shaun5. – terdon Dec 8 '12 at 16:57
Mac OS X doesn't use NFS, but it may work – shaun5 Dec 13 '12 at 14:33

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