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Everytime i open a file with text mate and it is by default in new window, is it possible to open in new tab so I don't need to mess with the windows?

I am using latest textmate2 downloaded from github.

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I am a novice with Textmate2 but have found when opening a file via the TextMate File Browser it open files in tabs. Go to View->Show File Browser.

Hope this helps.

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If you are using TextMate without the internal project functionality you can set your home directory or / as project folder.

Go to the Project folder (Shift + CMD + P) drop down the list and choose your home directory. Then drop down again and choose Use "MyName" as Project Folder. As @Tony has stated in his answer, all files udner the project dir are opened in tabs by default.

It works for TextMate version 2.0-alpha.9475.

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This will afaik only work if you are opening files that are in the same directory. Currently, Textmate 2 couples directories with projects.

A hacky and possibly not very extendable way would be to open a folder higher in the hierarchy every time you open an ad-hoc file in your filesystem like so:

mate ~/Sites ~/Sites/my-site/index.html
mate ~/Sites ~/Sites/my-other-site/index.html

This will open both files in the same window, since you are telling Textmate that your project is the ~/Sites directory.

Hope this helps.

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