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I have a laptop with Win7 installed on it. I am running it with separate accounts, and I manage the only administrator account.

I would like to disable the ability to burn CDs/DVDs - as that can be done even if no burning software is installed, and without administrator rights, by downloading, for instance, a portable version of CDBurnerXP-, but still keep the ability to read CDs/DVDs. From the device manager, I can only disable both at once.

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If you use Nero, I believe it doesn't allow non-admin users to burn discs by default, unless you explicitly allow them to do so using Nero BurnRights:


But this of course (as you stated) will not prevent users from simply using portable apps. I don't think a perfect 100% block is possible. At best you can use the Local Group Policy Editor (Run / gpedit.msc) to disable the built-in disc burning features by enabling:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer\Remove CD Burning Features

Then you can enable:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Don't run specified Windows applications

and add all known disc-burning executables to the block list.

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