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I have configured svn to open differences using the text (i.e. not graphical) version of vim. Whenever I'm satisfied viewing the changes of the current file I quit vim -- with :qa -- and the next file is opened up. How can I abort this process without the need to view all of the files? (I don't know if this is something that must be done within vim or svn.)

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I don't have an answer, but I tried some experiments using Perforce's p4 diff command. I first tried Ingo's :cquit suggestion, but p4 ignored the return status and continued with the next file. I then executed :!ps -fH to find the PID of Vim's parent process, p4, and then executed :! kill pid, where pid is the PID found from ps. That killed p4, but it also left my terminal in an odd state. I had to execute reset at the shell prompt to restore it. As I said, not a good solution, but maybe it will stimulate some others' thoughts. – garyjohn Dec 5 '12 at 23:36

I don't know how exactly the invocation of Vim from svn works (and you didn't list your configuration so that I could quickly try this), but you could try quitting Vim with :cquit, which sends an error code back to the invoking process. Maybe that causes svn to abort the loop.

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