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I was on the net the whole day and I couldn't find any clue to solve this problem... I try to install Windows 7 on my MBP with the .iso and an USB key. To do so... Boot Camp. My CD-ROM player is dead, so I can't use it anymore to burn/read a version of Win7.

The problem is, that the menu to set up my bootable USB key doesn't exist (I just can download the latest drivers and install Windows 7 from a CD/DVD). Consequently, I managed to put Win7 iso in my USB key (using formatting and the command dd if=<ISO_FILE.iso> of=/dev/rdisk1), but Boot Camp does not consider my key as a CD-ROM (Error prompted when I tried to use the last option in Boot Camp).

I also tried to change the Info.plist file in the Boot Camp package, without success.

Does anyone have any idea how to force Boot Camp to consider it as a good Win7 installer? Does it exist another tool to install Win7 in dual boot ? Or any other method?

Thank you very much for your responses!


Specs :

  • MacBook Pro 13"
    • originally on Snow Leopard ;
    • now with Mountain Lion ;
    • and without embedded CD-ROM reader.
  • Boot Camp v5.0.0
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