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A strange thing happened after a few updates to the system:

  • Intel rapid storage
  • SSD firmware update
  • Intel Ethernet adapter update
  • GPU Intel update

When the computer turns off the screen (after five minutes), an unknown time later, all the USB devices stop working.

  • Sound card
  • Mouse
  • Keybord
  • etc.

I can't turn them back on, so I can't wake up the screen or do anything except turn the computer off and back on.

I checked my power save profile and all is OK there. I changed in Device Manager, the Allow USB to sleep in all the hubs.

How can I fix this?

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You could try looking at Control Panel > Power Options, then go to Change Power Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Usb Settings > Usb Selective Suspend Settings, and set it to Disabled? That looks like another setting that could allow the computer to suspend usb devices.

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