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I have a retail version of Windows XP on a PC I no longer use. I would like to install Windows 7 on a new pc (nothing is on the hard drive). Can I purchase a Windows 7 upgrade, and install it using the existing Windows XP CD to upgrade from?

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please visit… for more info about it. – user132927 May 8 '12 at 12:06
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As long as you have an existing retail XP licence, then you are fine to install Windows 7 using a retail upgrade licence. The reason being is that a retail licence is not bound to a particular machine, but an OEM licence is.

Please keep in mind that this would not let you upgrade the install (You cannot upgrade the install from XP > 7, but you can go from Vista > 7). The Windows 7 installer would notify you of this and it should only let you perform a full install of Windows 7.

All in all, you are eligible to use an upgrade version of Windows 7, but you would need to do a full install

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If you have a retail version of XP, you can buy the Upgrade edition of Windows 7, however you will have to do a full install, the upgrade install is not supported.

From the purchase page on the Microsoft Store

Running earlier versions?

If you have Windows XP, you can purchase Windows 7 Upgrade versions. But you must back up your files, clean install, and reinstall your applications. If you’re running Windows 2000, you’ll need to purchase the full product and do a clean install.

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full retail CD, yes. OEM CD? No. – Chris_K Oct 5 '09 at 23:35

you can buy an upgrade disc alright, but you are not eligible to Windows Anytime Upgrade (at a reduced rate), you'll have to pay the full price. and since you'll have to do a clean installation from scratch anyway, you might as well grab 'the real deal'.

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