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It only affects Gmail. I have tested other HTTP, FTP and HTTPS websites and downloading is fine, at the exact same time the problem is affecting a Gmail attachment download.

The symptoms include both:

  • High waiting time, before the download starts (on the order of 30 seconds); AND
  • Very slow download transfer speeds (on the order of 1kbps)

It's a very strange problem, and I didn't find any recent issues relating to Google Australia. The account works fine at another site with a different ISP, so it's either a computer configuration or ISP - I lean to the latter.

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I have the answer, I just need to wait 7 hours before I can though... not enough reputation... – Todd Dec 3 '12 at 22:03
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In my case, this can be fixed by disabling HTTPS for downloading attachments. Note, that this decreases security of the transfer of course, but it does restore normal download experience for attachments.


  1. Open your Gmail account in web browser
  2. Go to settings for your account (cog on the right > Settings)
  3. In the general tab, find Browser connection
  4. Set to Don't always user https
  5. Scroll down, and click Save Changes

Note: There are two radio options, none of mine were selected.

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