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I want to use Ctrl+Space to switch between input methods, as I have used on Windows 7 and even older versions of Windows.

With Windows 8, the default key combo is Left Alt+Shift, for some unknown reasons.

When I looked into the settings, I see


Ctrl+Space doesn't seems to be an option anymore.

Any hints?

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Try this:

First, press Win + W to bring up Setting Search charm and type in “language”, and choose Language to open Language window.

Click Add a language in Change your language preferences settings.

Find your language from the long list, in this case, it’s Chinese (Simplified). And double click to add it. Once it’s done, the Language window looks something like this.

Now click Option to change input settings. For the input I choose, Pinyin SimpleFast, there are a lot of options for me to check and change. I especially like the UI customization where I can change the font to make my input experience much enjoyable.

Now, save the change, go back to Language window. It’s time to set up the hot keys to make the switching input methods much easier. Go to Advanced Settings, and click Change language bar hot keys.

Highlight the input method from the list, and click Change Key Sequence button. I like to use Ctrl+Shift+0 to switch from English to Chinese input.


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You can use Win+Space combination.

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Thanks. This works in a similar fashion. However, do you know if there is a way to just make CTRL+SPACE work again? – ethangui Dec 3 '12 at 23:35

You can use autohotkey to map ctrl+space to win+space


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