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I am new to ViM customization. I am almost done getting autocompletion to work as I would like. Here is the line of interest:

inoremap <expr> i (pumvisible() ? '' : 'i<C-n>') . '<Down>'

Notice that it captures i and then still types it (and then sends <C-n>). I would like for this to work like a regular expression. How can I get this to work with any word character? I'd rather not have several copies of this each for a different character.

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There are no wildcards in mappings; you'd have to create all those mappings with a loop:

for i in split('abcdefg...', '\zs')
    execute printf("inoremap <expr> %s (pumvisible() ? '' : '%s<C-n>') . '<Down>'", i, i)

Please note that there are plugins that achieve auto-completion as you type (what you seem to attempt here); I use AutoComplPop - Automatically opens popup menu for completions

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