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In insert mode, Vim will delete back a word if you press <C-w> (control + w). Is there a similar command that deletes back a Word?

(Eg, would delete all of instead of just the com part.)

If not, I'm thinking of mapping <C-BS> (control + backspace) to do this.

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No, there is no such built-in command, but the following should do the trick:

:inoremap <silent> <expr> <C-S-BS>
\   col('.') == 1 ?
\       '<C-w>' :
\       col('.') >= col('$') ?
\           '<C-o>:normal! Bd$<CR>' :
\           '<C-o>:normal! m"Bdg`"<CR>'

When at the beginning of the line it just executes the <C-w> command to join with the previous line. At the end of the line, it goes back on WORD and deletes the rest. Otherwise, it establishes a temporary mark m", goes back one WORD B, and deletes that part of the text.

Edit: Fixed for cursor at end of the line

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This is nice, but a little buggy. If my cursor is directly after whatever and I use it, I end up with r leftover. If my cursor is after whatever (after the space), it deletes the whole word but leaves two spaces after the previous word. – Nathan Long Dec 4 '12 at 16:45
This seems to work for me: imap <C-BS> <C-o>vBd. You seem to have more Vim-fu than I do. Do you see any downsides? If not, want to roll that into your solution? – Nathan Long Dec 4 '12 at 16:52
Using visual mode; that's clever! Unfortunately, it only works with :set selection=exclusive, and it clobbers the visual selection, which a well-behaved mapping shouldn't do. – Ingo Karkat Dec 4 '12 at 17:27
Ah, I didn't test for end of line; I've edited in a fix. Now it's even more ugly than your alternative, though. – Ingo Karkat Dec 4 '12 at 17:28

If I understood, you are on a file in insert mode with your cursor on a char somewhere on 'com' and you press <c-w> to delete and stay in insert mode ?

blabla ffd fds fsdf dsfd

this key map do the trick : imap <C-w> <ESC>lciW

<ESC> -> go in normal

l -> goto right (because when press ESC it goes to left)

ciW -> replace all Word and go in insert mode

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