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Possible Duplicate:
Installing a different edition of Windows 8 on an OEM system

OK I have a new Dell (Inspiron 15R 5520) laptop that came with Windows 8 pre-installed.

I'm really not a fan of pre-installed Windows since they are bundled with tons of softwares I don't want and settings I don't like.

I would like to reinstall it myself with a fresh installation. I have bought Windows 8 Pro OEM already for my desktop computer and it came with the usual OEM sticker with the Windows serial on it. Now my new laptop only have a Windows 8 logo sticker on it with no serial on it. After some research it seems it's normal.

Now, can I format my laptop and install Windows 8 (not pro) from my Windows 8 Pro OEM DVD?

I ask because when I installed Windows 8 Pro it asked for the serial (which was found on the sticker). I'm wondering if the same DVD will detect the serial on the BIOS of my new laptop or I need a special Dell DVD for that?

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Windows 8 computers do not come with a COA sticker. So how exactly did you get a Windows 8 computer with a Windows 8 COA sticker on it? You need to use a Windows 8 Professional installation disk, the installer will automatically detect the authentication code stored in the bios, there are many articles on this subject. – Ramhound Dec 4 '12 at 16:53
@Ramhound I bought my Windows 8 Pro alone (DVD only). So I had a COA sticker with it since it's not bundled with new hardware. – AlexV Dec 4 '12 at 19:26
@AkexV - This is important information you should update your question to reflect this. The reason I was confused is because its not called Windows 8 Professional OEM its called Windows 8 Professional System Builder its slightly confusing because the same product can be used for personal use and OEM use but has different license terms. – Ramhound Dec 4 '12 at 19:32
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Unfortunately not, even though technically the DVD contains both versions.

However you can look at this hack i wrote about, on How-To Geek, that will allow you to install the normal Windows 8 version by modding the ISO, which will detect your key.

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