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I have recently started using MinGW instead of Cygwin on my Windows 7 machine, and I am having a little issue with MinGW's ls. In Cygwin, ls has a --group-directories-first option that, obviously, causes directories to be listed before other file types. However, MinGW doesn't seem to have this option, and I can't find a substitute for it. Does one exist?

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This comes under the heading “a substitute for it”.  The following script will approximately emulate the behavior of ls –l with the difference that it groups subdirectories at the beginning of each directory listing.

#!/bin/sh -
    sed -n -e '1s/^/1#/p' -e '1n' \
        -e 's/^/#/' -e 's/^#d/2#d/' -e 's/^#/3#/' -e p \
        | cat -n | sort -n -k2 -k1 | sed 's/[^#]*#//'

if [ $# = 0 ]
    ls -l | sort_ls_output
    for arg
        if [ -d "$arg" ]
            echo "${arg}:"
            ls -l "$arg" | sort_ls_output
            ls -l "$arg"

It is a rough cut.  It doesn’t handle individual ordinary files (non-directories) on the command line the same way as ls –l does, and it doesn’t handle options (e.g., –a) at all.

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