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First of all, apologies if this is poorly worded. Tried to explain as best as I can.

Would anyone know if it's possible to 'share' a VPN to a remote user across the internet, on windows, without giving access to the original VPN credentials?

So for example;

  • Person A accesses internet through VPN and can access webpage A.
  • Person B can't access webpage A and needs to - but Person A does not want to give out credentials to the original VPN.

Is it possible for person A to say, setup a new VPN on their machine, with the VPN tunnelling traffic through, that person B can connect to - with the goal of being able to browse webpage A? (basically like a VPN proxy)

This would need to be something that they could switch on and off as needed if required?

The first thing I tried was to simply use teamviewer to remotely control the machine with VPN installed, which although not as good as a VPN, would still be acceptable. However the VPN disconnects immediately when starting.

Doesn't necessarily have to be a VPN - if there is another way it is possible, for user B to browse website A that's ok, that's the ultimate goal.

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Both Windows and Linux allow you to setup VPN for free with (almost) built-in VPN server.

Under Windows, you'll have to create an incoming connection and then use internet connection sharing to share the VPN to the incomging connection.

Under Linux, you can use standard VPN servers like pptpd and setup NAT using iptables.

You can also use SSH dynamic proxying as a replacement for VPN under Linux and MacOS X.

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