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Is it possible to mute just a single application (ex. Safari) on Mac while letting other application's sound continue to run through?

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You could use Audio Hijack Pro:

Audio Hijack Pro screenshot

It's an advanced mixer initially meant for recording an application's audio.

You can adjust the volume of each application separately and also mute them. It's also fully AppleScriptable, so I guess you could associate keyboard shortcuts to mute a given set of apps.

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If you have the (mis-?)fortune to be running 10.4 on a PowerPC Mac, then you can still use Rogue Amoeba's old Detour product (now free.)

You can also accomplish this with their Airfoil product, in a roundabout way, by hijacking Safari and then not enabling any Airfoil speakers.

(It's a shame they didn't revamp Detour, once they'd come up with a new way not using APE, to instantly hijack the sound. I too used to divert Safari to shut up annoying embedded MIDI and Flash. But I can recommend ClickToFlash for handling the latter!)

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