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I am trying to turn off the build panel showing on build when using markdown syntax. I am on OSX and using Marked for markdown preview and I don't want the build panel popping up with a pointless "build finished" message. I have put the following in my markdown syntax specific and multimarkdown syntax specific preferences:

{ "show_panel_on_build": false }

But it does not work. I have tested the syntax specific preference file with other settings and they have worked, but this setting does not.

I was also able to change the same "show_panel_on_build" setting in my default settings and it worked, but I want only markdown to not show build results. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you using Markdown Preview? This package's default settings contain an override for show_panel_on_build. You can override this yourself by modifying your Markdown Preview user settings.

You can find these settings in Preferences » Package Settings » Markdown Preview » Settings, or:

  • default settings: Packages/Markdown Preview/MarkdownPreview.sublime-settings
  • user settings: Packages/User/MarkdownPreview.sublime-settings
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