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I have received a .qxd file which is a Quark Express file and need to convert it to .pdf. I thought it would be a simple task, but now I doubt it... Do you know of any (preferrably free) program on online service to do the conversion ?

I should mention that I don't have the Quark program or the Acrobat Pro, just the Reader...

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What operating system? –  Chealion Oct 6 '09 at 5:15
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The easiest option is to actually use QuarkXpress to make your PDF. If you happen to use InDesign there is a converter program however it's much more limited (only supports Quark 3.x and 4.x files - not 5.x-8.x) than using a free trial if you know what version of QuarkXpress was used to create the program.

You can download a free trial of QuarkXpress 8 from Quark.com (Windows or Mac). Within Quark you can then export a PDF directly from within the program.

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If you're on Windows, you can install PrimoPDF to print to PDF Files.

Mac Users should be able to print to a PDF file by click the PDF button in the print dialog box.

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