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I have a video file where one audio channel is much louder than the other.

Could I take the louder channel and mix it with the low channel? I know it won't be stereo anymore, but mono sound on both channels is better than an unbalanced stereo channel.

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I don't think you need to make it mono. You can get the audio out of the file (using one of these), fix the volume from the sound, then combine the new audio part with the video again :)

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What option to use to fix the volume? – Tony_Henrich Oct 7 '09 at 4:48
My solution was to extract the mp3 out of the avi using Blaze Media. For some odd reason, the volumns in the mp3 is correct. I didn't know how to use Blaze Media to mux the video and audio (if it can do it) so I used another tool 'Total Video Converter' to do it. – Tony_Henrich Oct 7 '09 at 16:12

FFDSHOW has several audio filters dealing with volumes. You reach them by right-clicking the audio icon in the tray when the video is playing. One of them is the equalizer.

See this article for more details:
Simple FFDShow Audio Settings

alt text

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Is this tool used during playback? I need to convert a video file so that I can copy it to a portable player. – Tony_Henrich Oct 7 '09 at 4:26
This is for playing. For converting there are tools like VirtualDub. – harrymc Oct 7 '09 at 19:48

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