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I am using packet tracer but I am not finding any support for enabling Ip multicasting in global config mode neither PIM SM in interface mode inbetween two routers.

r1(config)#ip mult
r1(config)#ip mult
r1(config)#ip ?
  access-list       Named access-list
  default-network   Flags networks as candidates for default routes
  dhcp              Configure DHCP server and relay parameters
  domain            IP DNS Resolver
  domain-lookup     Enable IP Domain Name System hostname translation
  domain-name       Define the default domain name
  forward-protocol  Controls forwarding of physical and directed IP broadcasts
  ftp               FTP configuration commands
  host              Add an entry to the ip hostname table
  inspect           Context-based Access Control Engine
  ips               Intrusion Prevention System
  local             Specify local options
  name-server       Specify address of name server to use
  nat               NAT configuration commands
  route             Establish static routes
  ssh               Configure ssh options
  tcp               Global TCP parameters

Kindly let me know how to enable PIM or atleast ip multicasting?

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