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Very often I need to access shared folder in another PC using Far Manager.

To go via ALT+F1>>network takes too long, because it scans whole network. What is the faster way of doing that?

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If you know the IP or hostname of the PC that you wish to access, you can use the net: command in FAR Manager (you'll need the Network Browser plugin, which probably comes by default depending on which version you're using).

For example, if the hostname of the PC is matespc you can enter the following on the command line:


This will open up a network panel directly pointing to that PC.

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If you are talking about quick access to any shared resource on a particular PC, then @icabod's is probably the best suggestion there is at this point.

If, however, you mean you want to access a particular resource quickly, there are more options for you.

  1. You can still go with @icabod's suggestion of using the net: command, you'd just need to append the resource to the path:

  2. You can use the cd command:

    cd \\matespc\resource
  3. You can use the Folder Shortcuts functionality.

    Basically, you first assign a folder shortcut using a specific key combination, then you can always change to that folder very quickly using another keyboard shortcut. There are ten assignment shortcuts and ten corresponding navigation shortcuts:

          Assignment           Navigation

    There's also a dialog box to manage the list of assigned folder shortcuts (F9CommandsFolder shortcuts).

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Very late to the party, but of course another alternative is to mount the network share to a local drive...

net use Q: \\matespc\resource

...and selecting it via the standard drive selector Alt+F1 and Alt+F2 respectively.

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