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If you make a table at the very beginning of a document or a table right after another table. There doesn't seem to be any way of getting your cursor before/after this table? It seems like it's then impossible to insert any content here?? Does anyone know how to solve this? Or is this a bug (bad feature)??

I've resorted many times to throwing away these documents and start from scratch and never ever do this. To ALWAYS leave a blank line between tables or if nothing is before an empty line...

Edit: You can select all table rows and copy paste them into the new document to save time but this is still an awkward hack and steals time!

Can this be solved in less hacked way?

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I just tried to place the cursor at the beginning of the first cell, and pressed enter in LibreOffice Writer, and it worked splendidly. I tried it before, and it didn't work. Then I right-clicked and unchecked the table Table boundaries and it worked.

Now having the boundaries checked makes no difference.

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Indeed, having the boundaries checked or unchecked makes no difference. –  Mark Jun 13 at 16:12

In LibreOffice Writer, if you need to add a line before a table, put the cursor at the beginning of the top left cell and press Alt-Enter (not just Enter, as advised in other posts -- that doesn't work). If you need a new line after a table, put the cursor at the end of the bottom right cell and press Alt-Enter.

The same procedure works if you have formatted a part of the document with multiple columns. To add a line before the multi-column section, put the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph in the multi-column section and press Alt-Enter. To add a line after the multi-column section put the cursor at the end of the last paragraph in that section and press Alt-Enter.

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This works for me. I'm surprised I'm the first to upvote it. If this answer helps you solve the problem, please vote for it! –  Mark Jun 13 at 16:12

In LibreOffice

To move the cursor to a new blank line following a table, you must first place your cursor at the end of any data in the last cell on the last row of the table, hold Alt, and press Enter.

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In Microsoft Word:

  • If you put the insertion point (i.e., click) at the very first position of the first cell of a table, and type Enter, it will insert a new paragraph above the table.  I believe this feature has existed at least since Word 2003 (and I know it’s present in Word 2007, because that’s what I’m running).
  • If you click anywhere in a row other than the first, the “Split Table” command will do what its name suggests; i.e., what you want.  In Word 2007 (and, probably, also Word 2003), this is on the “Layout” tab of the ribbon.  I believe that this has been in Word for several versions.
  • In Word 2007, at least, if you click in the first row and Split Table, it will insert a new paragraph above the table.
  • If you have a paragraph below the table, click there, type Enter a few times, and then Cut&Paste (or Drag&Drop) some or all of the table into the second paragraph below the table.

I would be surprised if none of these work in OpenOffice Writer, but I don’t have access to it right now, so I can’t check.  Good luck.

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this is a question about open office writer, not MS Word! –  OZZIE May 24 '14 at 19:57

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