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I am trying to get a list of items that match on two criteria.

DEC 13   Cat Chow       DRUG
NOV 13   Pupperoni      DRUG
DEC 13   Meow Mix       DRUG
DEC 13   Jerky Treats   DRUG

This is the data from A1 to C5. I want all the product sold on DEC 13 and in the DRUG channel. This is the formula that I have now, which is only bringing back the first example.

INDEX($B$2:$B$5,  MATCH(1, ("DRUG"=$C$2:$C$5)*("DEC 13"=$A$2:$A$5), 0) )
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Filter on DEC13 and DRUG? – pnuts Dec 5 '12 at 22:06

You could add this to another column ...

=IF(AND(A2="DEC 13", C2="DRUG"),B2, "")

and then select, copy and paste it down the column.

(Then, if you need to you can select that column, copy it, and do paste-special, just values to another column and then sort it and delete the blank cells that are all together.)

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