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I installed CentOS 6.3 US English as default. Since my PC has japanese keyboard I changed default keyboard layout to be Japanese (System->Preferences->keyboard menu). Then I learned I needed to install japanese language support: $ yum install "@Japanese support". Now, I need to occasionally enter japanese texts, but keep my OS menus etc. in English. What should I additionally do to be able to enter japanese texts, say in Google Chrome search text box?

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I was too quick to ask. Anyway I found how to configure settings.

In English: 1) From System -> Preference -> Input Method menu 2) Tick "Enable input method feature". Select "Use IBus (recommended)". 3) Click "Input method preferences" 4) On "Input Method" tab select japanese->Anthy, and click add. 5) If necessary, change your short-cut key on General tab

That's all.

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