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Can I have list of shortcuts for Visio 2013?

For example I am in ER diagramming mode and adding attributes for an entity how do I add new attribute for the entity?

As I can't find one right now I have to right click and say "Insert Attribute before/after", which is tedious job.

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I have been dragging the Attribute item from the Shapes window, which is even more cumbersome than your method.

Your comment about right-clicking to choose "Insert 'Attribute' After" got me thinking.

You can use the little menu key on your keyboard to open the menu. Once the menu is open, hit n to choose the "Insert 'Attribute' After" command. It will insert a new item and select it, then you can just start typing. Press ESC when finished and you are ready to insert the next attribute.

  1. Select an Attribute
  2. Press Menu on your keyboard
  3. Press n to choose "Insert 'Attribute' After"
  4. Start typing while the new Attribute is selected
  5. Press ESC when finished, your attribute is selected again
  6. Repeat
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The fastest way to add new attributes is to select the bottom attribute in the entity, and type Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V.

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