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I can run below script in SciTE4AotuHotKey:


CapsLock & j:: Send  {Down}
CapsLock & k:: Send {Up}
CapsLock & h:: Send {Left}
CapsLock & l:: Send {right}
CapsLock & p:: Send {PGUP}
CapsLock & ə:: Send {PGDN}
CapsLock & a:: Send {home}
CapsLock & e:: Send {end}   

But when I save it to a file and double click on it, following error appears:

enter image description here

What is the problem?

I am using AutoHotKey_L

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Maybe this could happen if you have more than one version of Autohotkey installed, and Scite4Autohotkey is running the version with Unicode support, while double-clicking on the file is running the version without unicode support? Try looking for multiple versions of Autohotkey installed. Or try running the script from command line pointing to your Autohotkey_L installation and see if it works that way.

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The character you are using with CapsLock on Line 12 is not a valid character.

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I see that in the error dialog!!!, as mentioned in the question the code can be run from SciTE4AotuHotKey, indeed the script currently is running on my PC. – PHPst Dec 6 '12 at 19:42
In my keyboard layout ə is placed in ; posision. – PHPst Dec 6 '12 at 19:43

Not sure if this works, but you could try:

CapsLock & sc027::

SC027 is the scancode for ; on my Keyboard

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