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I am trying to build an ISO with archiso (releng), and even after running pacman -R dbus and pacman -Syu the build fails with the following error:

looking for inter-conflicts...
:: dbus and dbus-core are in conflict. Remove dbus-core? [y/N]
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: dbus and dbus-core are in conflict

Complete output on Pastebin

Note: Even though the output says :: dbus and dbus-core are in conflict. Remove dbus-core? [y/N] toward the end, it doesn't interactively give me the option to choose y or n; it seems to just assume n.

Help, please? Anyone?

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I figured it out. The solution was to go into my releng directory and run:

./ clean single
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